Could a business trip be a pleasure?

Bleisure (business + pleasure)  is a relatively new English word. It indicates a situation in which a business traveller adds a little leisure time to their business trip.

The word “bleisure” was coined for thr first time in 2007 by Carlson Hotels. The company used this word in its press release to describe a fast-developping trend which consists in extending business trips with extra time for leisure activities. Such statistics are a clear signal for the tourist industry. This is especially important, because as many as 47 % of those who combine business and leisure rely on an agent’s services when booking their trip. It seems to be even more significant when it is compared to the people who travel only for pleasure: a mere 12 % of them seek professional help to organize their journey. What is more, businessmen spend more money on average during their trips than those who are on private holidays.

No wonder that many travel agencies lure potential business customers, not only with state-of-the-art conference rooms and centres, but also with additional leisure activities, like sightseeing, experiencing local cuisine, attending concerts and festivals. Hotels which originally addressed their services rather to business than to individuals have extended their offer with elements that can be attractive to their accompanying spouses or even whole families. This covers gourmet dishes in restaurants, fancy drinks, or kids of “home-for-home” appartments, but with typically hotel-like services, incuding cleaning and a spa.

“Bleisure” (business + pleasure)

Źródło: English Matters nr 65 z 2017 r. Barbara Jasińska